Navigating through this matrix of life with mental velocity and agility is next to impossible when you’re doing so in a body that is under-nourished, overworked, sleep deprived drudging through a lack luster existence that isn’t fulfilling or rewarding. We are in an age of technological overload that has left most bodies over stimulated and deeply suffering because they’re out of their natural alignments and rhythms. We are witness to this misalignment everywhere as it shows up in people being highly reactive, impatient, addicted to processed foods and social media, easily agitated, argumentative, paranoid, jealous, road rage, hatred and even prejudice.

I am here to tell you, it's NOT going to get EASIER the longer you stay numbed out and unconscious time is moving at a faster rate, our minds are on overload and just like any other computer they need CLEANING and DE-FRAGMENTING and UPGRADING. Life is NOT what it used to be, you either keep up to stay kept up or your suffering will become amplified.

My name is Laura Mazucca, I have spent over 2 decades studying human behavior; the workings of the mind, spiritual and self development, all things fitness, yoga, meditation and Holistic Nutrition. Initially to understand my own demons of addiction and the aftermath of imprints from abusive relationships that were tormenting and inhibiting all the layers of my being. There is not much I haven’t walked through in life, (you can read the details on the About Me page as this is a space for you to sense what areas I may be of service to you.) Yet I’ll say this, there are not many stones I’ve left un-turned in my seeking of answers to remedy ailments & diseases of the body, of negative conditioning and programming of the mind, of behavioral neuroplasticity patterning that doesn’t serve the highest good of human consciousness. I’ve gone deep, I’ve been blessed to be rewarded for my pain and trauma with profound gifts of tools that work, and work quickly and effectively without prescriptions, without supplementation, nor much change to your actual current lifestyle. I’ve found relief and healing, empowerment, freedom from mental prisons of lack, fear and the host of other things that keep us from stepping into our full highest potential.

It’s not about willpower, it’s not about changing things externally, it’s about going WITHIN being given tools without reliance upon me to unravel what ails you. Your behaviors are EMBEDDED in your "operating system" aka YOUR MIND and unless you utilize a TECHNOLOGY that RE-PATTERNS & UNRAVELS those patterns of YOUR SELF IDENTITY, nothing will change. 


There will be no Fitness Trainer to whip you into shape, no new LOVE that will adore you or value you, no REWARDING CAREER PATH…  nothing EXTERNAL can do anything more than be a temporary distraction to your underlying framework.

This is where the I guide and give you not only my decades of my knowledge from all holistic arenas of mind, body & spiritual tools, yet the most powerful TECHNOLOGY of KUNDALINI!

Specific Kriyas (exercises, practices, home or in person) to elevate areas of your life, your body, your relationships! From a higher IQ, more vitality, anti-aging, empowerment, release of self sabotaging mental frameworks, manifesting abundance & prosperity, enriching communication, more creativity…the list is endless as to the PRECISION that KUNDALINI can QUICKLY AFFECT & TRANSFORM your life!

Let me show you how to finally break free of your LIMITING BELIEFS to LIVE an EXTRA-ORDINARY LIFE!

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YOU…deserve an amazingly creative fulfilling LIFE, a HEALTHY VITAL YOUTHFUL BODY & PROSPERITY on all levels!